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Join us as we unveil the next generation of engine brake technology and you can experience twice the engine brake power where you need it.

Visit us at the IAA show 22-29 September. Hall 16, Booth B34.

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The Evolution of the Engine Brake

Jacobs’ HPD provides you the lightest, most cost-effective, high power vehicle retarding technology available.


Double the Braking Power at Cruise Speeds

The engine brake power is significantly increased at lower engine speeds compared to conventional compression release brakes.

175 kg

Increased Payload for the Retarding Performance You Need

Jacobs’ integrated, simple design allows for reduced package and mass resulting in increased payload by providing all the retarding performance you need from the engine.

3,500 EURO

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

While providing increased foundation brake life, truck uptime, and higher resale value, Jacobs’ HPD technology comes at a fraction of comparable retarder devices that offer the same power.

Jacobs’ HPD Technology is the Next Logical Step in Engine Braking

Constant evolution of engine, powertrain, and complete vehicle technology requires an engine brake that can answer increased retarding demands. Developed to complement these technology trends and help further future developments, Jacobs’ HPD delivers the retarding power needed to:

  1. Compensate for decreased aerodynamic drag and decreased rolling resistance of the latest trucks
  2. Compensate for the trend toward lower engine speed operation and specification of smaller displacement engines
  3. Operate at the engine speeds you use, and avoid downshifting during retarding

In addition, HPD is fully integrated into the engine and is completely compatible with the latest developments in cruise and safety features.

Learn the inside story of Jacobs’ HPD development

Learn the details of Jacobs’ HPD development in the article, “Development of a High Performance Two-Cycle Engine Brake for Medium and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines,” from SAE International.

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